For anybody whose AC is not blowing in Dublin, Complete Air Conditioning is the company you need to solve the issue. Complete Air Conditioning has the skills and the experience to be able to provide professional air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance, installations, design and repairs. We have nearly twenty years of experience behind us, guiding us to carry out the most efficient and best possible service to clients all over Ireland. Why not contact us for more detail?   

Have you Found your AC is not Blowing in Dublin?

There could be a number of reasons as to why your AC is not blowing in Dublin, but our team has the skills and knowledge to be able to assess the system and find the route of what the issue is, and make arrangements for the most appropriate course of action. The repairs will be carried out safely by f-gas engineers and completed to a high standard. 

If you wish to avoid costly repairs, we can offer preventative maintenance services so that you and your system can benefit from our regular inspections. If your AC is not blowing in Dublin and you would prefer to have a new system altogether, then we can help design a system for you, based on your requirements, and then install and maintain it with great care and efficiency. 

The Importance of Having Functioning Air Conditioning 

A faulty air conditioning unit can cause problems for your property’s energy efficiency as you will be using the air conditioning for longer periods of time, or at higher levels in order to get the desired results, meaning your energy efficiency is hindered. But it also means that you are spending much more money than you should be.

A poorly functioning air conditioning unit can also cause dirty air to be blown around the room which can cause irritation to the respiratory system. And if your air conditioning is not working at full capacity, then you do not receive the desired benefits, causing an uncomfortable working space during the hotter months. If your air conditioning is not blowing in Dublin, or you notice other problems occurring then get in touch with Complete Air Conditioning today. 

What other Services can we Assist with?

As well as offering help with air conditioning services, our service also extends to those who also have refrigeration issues. We can help businesses of a small and medium size with a variety of types of refrigerators including cabinets, walk-in freezers or cool rooms, and provide efficient repairs, replacements and installations. You can trust that we will perform our services safely, as we are f-gas certified, and we will use high quality equipment from leading manufacturers. 

Would you Like More Information?

So if your AC is not blowing in Dublin and you need a reliable and experienced team who have the training and knowledge to be able to provide the appropriate services to remedy your issue in the least disruptive way, then give us a call on 01 8530252. Our enquiry form is also available on our contact page, and our email address is,  which you can use to send a message to us, detailing the problem you have.