Over time, air conditioning units can eventually end up worn out, and can get to the stage where they need to be replaced. We want to ensure that our office or commercial unit is cool all year round, which means your air conditioning unit needs to be functioning to its optimum level. If your air conditioning system is showing some potential signs and symptoms of old age and potential issues, it might be beneficial to you to have a new air conditioning system installed. 

Although there is no set time as to when you should invest in an air conditioning unit, there are some obvious signs that show you when it might be the right time. Here at Complete Air Conditioning, we want to explore how to tell if you might need a new air conditioning unit, and some of the signs to look out for. We are air conditioning specialists based in Ireland, specialising in providing cooling and heating solutions to a wide range of businesses. 

To learn more about how to tell if you might need a new unit installed for your business in Dublin, keep reading and make sure to visit our website for further information.

A Lack of Cool Air and Strange Sounds

One of the most obvious signs that you may need a new air conditioning unit installed is if there is a lack of cool air being pumped out. Additionally, another problem you might be facing are strange sounds coming out of the unit. If your air conditioning unit seems to be noisier than it used to be, and is making grinding, squeaking or chattering noise then these could be signs of an issue. Your air conditioning unit should operate at a level that is barely noticeable or detectable.

Foul Smells and Higher Energy Bills

Foul smells emanating from your air conditioning unit are another tell-tale sign of an issue. Your air conditioning unit should be giving out clean, fresh, odour-free air so if you notice strange smells coming from it then you need to take notice. Also, if energy bills have surged recently. Older air conditioning units are less energy efficient than newer models, meaning that your energy bills might be going up if your unit is older. So although it may seem expensive, having a new unit installed will actually save you money in the long run. 

Air Conditioning Installations at Complete Air Conditioning

If you feel like your current air conditioning unit is suffering from some of these signs or symptoms, or if it has reached the time where it needs to be replaced, why not contact us today?

We specialise in installing a wide range of air conditioning units for businesses across Ireland, whether you work in an office,  commercial building, nightclub or bar, retail outlet, or a restaurant. Some of the air conditioning systems we can supply and install include VRF, VRV, Split, and Multi-Split systems. 

We partner with the leading air conditioning suppliers in the industry, to bring you the leading air conditioning units on the market. Our team are experienced and knowledgeable and will provide you with a high-quality installation and ensure that you know everything there is to know about your unit and how it operates. 

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